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We are an equal opportunity organization that practices meritocracy, a people partnership that practices sharing of organizationā€˜s wealth with its constituents. Our human resources processes are aligned to recruit and nurture a talent pool of highly committed, academically sound and creative technical minds, who believe in building long term careers.

We bring Professionals, who have extensive experience of integrating various hardware, operating systems, networking systems and OEM device, to deliver end to IT Solution.
Our experience in diverse technologies, operating environments and products helps us in designing practical and productive integrated solution to meet diverse IT customers.
Integration of end to end IT Solution is getting powerful yet complex everyday, with the advent of new information technology tools and networking environment.
Along with our experience and continuous employee development and training, we are great to take any large system integration challenge and fulfill demands of our customers.
Team Members:
Dr. Imran Ahmed Shahzad, CEO, (PhD. HR)
Mohammad Iqbal, Managing Director, (IT Consultant)
Khalid Ibrar, Project Manager, Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)
Faheem Zafar, Project Manager, Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)
Mohammad Siddique, (SAP Certified Professional)
Nadeem Zafar, ERP Manager, Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), MCTS: ASP.NET, MCTS:Sharepoint Server 2007 (MOSS)
Mohammad Saleem, (Marketing Manager)
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